Performer Digital Coat Lenses

Every ACTIsun lens for the Performer TTR line is equipped with the unique coating package digital coat that provides outstanding performance.

For many years Switzerland has been leading in the development of anti-reflection coatings and adequate manufacturing technologies. Meeting the essential requirements for highest-level lens coatings, the Swiss Made digital coat also offers unrivalled aesthetics. Digital coat acts like a separator on either side of the lens.

It eliminates systematically any disturbing factors that impair vision and enhances the  positive lens properties. Digital coat‘s main features are: scratch-resistant coating,  antireflection coating and a water, grease and dirt-repellent, antistatic coating.The scratch-resistant coating not only extends the life of a lens considerably. Scratches and other kinds  of damage to the optical surface impair visual perception and produce annoying stray light.

Digital coat makes lenses simply less sensitive, thus increasing their optical stability.Depending on the material they are made of, standard lenses reflect about 10 % of the  light. On the back surface of a lens such reflections are very irritating because they overlay  the perceived image with a disturbing haze. Lightly tinted lenses show this effect also on  their front surface. Such haze gets even more disturbing in lenses with mirrored front  surfaces, a technique that is often applied only for fashion reasons.

Furthermore, manifold passing of light through the lens produces dot-shaped disturbing  reflections on the back surface. Equipped with double-sided anti-reflective properties, digital coat applies a new method to eliminate more than 99 % of unwanted reflections, providing impressive contrast enhancement in whatever light condition. digital coat guarantees  optimal lenses with highest aesthetical and optical properties as well as pure, resilient filter characteristics.

Moreover, digital coat provides an oleophobe, superhydrophobe and antistatic sealing that ensures permanently maximum image quality by repelling any smudges and making cleaning easier.

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